I recently starting writing some articles for Database Journal. Here are links to each of them to-date:

Working with Compressed (zipped) folders in MS Access (2009-08-26)
A simple technique to add zip files from within your application.
Uses for Cartesian Products in MS Access (2009-09-18)
Less well known than inner and outer joins is the Cartesian product, which produces every possible combination of records between the two tables. Here are four examples to demonstrate some legitimate uses for Cartesian products.
Reporting what's not there (2009-10-16)
It's easy to write queries that will show data in the database that matches a criteria. However, if no data in the database matches the criteria, it becomes more difficult. This article examines two different scenarios where it's necessary to create data in order to be able to report zero values in queries.
Extending the InputBox function for MS Access Forms (2009-11-12)
While it's not possible to change the behavior of the InputBox function, this article illustrates how to create your own Access form that includes a text box with its InputMask property set to Password, and then use that form instead of the one generated by the VBA InputBox function.
Working with external text files in MS Access (2009-12-18)
It's possible to treat a text file as a data table, and use the standard approaches to dealing with tables, which is a major advantage in that you can use SQL to filter the text in the file.

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