How to "fix" your registry after installing MS Access 2.0
by Doug Steele

OK, so maybe "fix" isn't the right word. (After all, it isn't really broken...<g>)

If you install Access 2.0 after you install Access '97, you'll find that the associations in the registry have been altered. If you double click on a .MDB file, Access 2.0 will attempt to open it. If it's really an Access '97 database, it will fail.

That's an annoyance that's easily fixed, using just a few lines to update the registry. (I've found the easiest thing is to copy this into a file, give it a .REG extension, then simply double-click on that file to apply the changes. In fact, I've even got the file available here that you can download it. I just put a .TXT extension on it so you wouldn't accidentally change your registry when you didn't want to!)

An added bonus of this change is that now, if you right-click on a .MDB file, you get the choice of opening it with Access 2.0. Enjoy!

Please read the comments at the end of this thoroughly before using this "patch"

What your menu should look like after...






@="Open with MS Access 2.0"

@="C:\\APPS\\ACCESS.20\\Msaccess.exe %1"


  1. The standard warnings about making changes to your registry apply! ALWAYS make a backup before making changes. I've used this fix several times with no ill affects, but I offer no guarantees nor warranties!
  2. The location reference for MS Access 2.0 in the last entry will doubtlessly have to be changed for your installation: I installed it in C:\APPS\ACCESS.20. Note the use of double slashes (\\) in the registry entry: you MUST do the same if you change this path entry!
  3. If you don't want the MS Access 2.0 reference in your pop-up menu, simply leave out the last 2 sections in the .reg file
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