Hi. I'm Doug Steele. This is my Homepage.

I don't know whether or not you want to know anything about me, but it is my homepage, so I'm going to tell you anyhow. I'm an engineer who used to be involved in computer systems for a major Canadian oil company. Through work, I got very involved in database programming, both mainframe and PC.

My hobby is beer. I brew it, collect all sorts of breweriana (only Canadian, and primarily cans and bottles), and I like to drink beer. I'm also involved with home wine making. In fact, now that I'm retired, I've actually gone back to school to take the two year Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management program at Niagara College.

Given these facts, my homepage is going to focus on three things:

Of course, no page is ever finished. Why not bookmark this page, and come back on a regular basis to see what I've added?

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Last Updated: 09th June, 2014