I wrote the monthly "Access Answers" column for from Pinnacle Publishing's Smart Access from September, 2003 until the newsletter was purchased by Eli Journals, who decided that they would use it to "repurpose" material. That means I have no more columns to be able to repost at this site. It was a fun ride, and hopefully you've enjoyed being able to read these columns.

What I've posted here is a PDF version of each column, along with the downloadable database which accompanied the column to illustrate what I wrote about. The downloadable databases are in Access 97 format, except when there are differences that may prevent some of the code from running in Access 97 (in which case I also include a database in Access 2000 format).

September 2003: Access developer needs date (241 KB)
A look at problems dealing with date values.
October 2003: How to be regular (and about time!) (99 KB)
Using Regular Expressions in Access, as well as problems dealing with time values.
November 2003: Doing two things at once, and Web Service wannabes (189 KB)
A look at how to do updates and inserts in one step, as well as a way to get information from the Internet.
WARNING: The websites referenced in the 2nd item have changed since the article was written, so the examples will no longer work. Hopefully the code and comments are enough for you to go on!
December 2003: But it worked yesterday! (131 KB)
Why Access applications suddenly stop working, or work on some machines but not others.
January 2004: What a drag it is (getting old?), Part 1 (67 KB)
How to add drag-and-drop to an Access application.
February 2004: What a drag it is, Part 2 (140 KB)
More about how to add drag-and-drop to an Access application, as well as how to simulate XP Cue Banners.
March 2004: Check, please and procedures in the event of problems... (161 KB)
How to have larger check boxes and how to deal with code that gets unlinked from the control to which it's supposed to be linked.
April 2004: Mind the gap, take your time, and how long is a string? (164 KB)
How to find missing numbers in sequences, provide a timing capability in your programs and determine the number of times a given substring occurs in a string.
May 2004: Here's a shortcut, may I quote you? and what have I done? (176 KB)
One way to add shortcuts to your application, how to handle embedded quotes in SQL statements and a quick documenter to list the objects in your application. See also the free add-in Jeff Conrad, Access Junkie, made based on this column.
June 2004: Becoming an Access groupie (134 KB)
Several different ways to treat controls on a form (or report) as a group.
July 2004: Dude, where's my data? (147 KB)
Part 1 of a discussion about using data from other sources.
August 2004: Working with or without a net DSN (130 KB)
The completion of a discussion about using data from other sources. See also Using DSN-Less Connections elsewhere on this site.
September 2004: Working all day (319 KB)
Calculating Working Days
October 2004: We get letters... (195 KB)
Reader contributions regarding handling embedded quotes, treating controls as a group and cue-prompting
November 2004: Sounds good to me and Stupid Date Tricks (309 KB)
How to play MP3 files, as well as how to read information from MP3 files, and a useful formula to use with date calculations.
December 2004: Making the grade (141 KB)
How to assign letter grades to marks.
January 2005: Does this file register with you? (222 KB)
How to interact with external files (how to open or print them)..
Febuary 2005: Give me a call and save yourself some work. (546 KB)
An approach to analyzing telephone logs, as well as at an undocumented feature within Access that allows you to save Access objects as text files.
March 2005: Hide your input, and it's pretty common. (343 KB)
How you can enhance the built-in InputBox, as well as how to programmatically call a couple of the standard Windows dialogs (the Color and Font dialogs)
April 2005: "Close" only counts in horseshoes...and databases (467 KB)
A couple of techniques to help determine when entries are "close enough" to be considered the same
May 2005: I've just got to get a message to you... (441 KB)
Some ways to enhance the common message box
June 2005: I've got plenty of nothing, and did someone say Holiday? (328 KB)
A technique for finding unused fields in tables, and how to calculate holidays.
July 2005: Excelling automatically. (460 KB)
Several techniques to use Automation from within Access to interact with Excel.
August 2005: These are a few of my favo(u)rite things... (180 KB)
How to build a database of favorites (bookmarks) from your internet browser (part 1 of 2).
(Thanks to Jeff Conrad, Access Junkie, for catching an error in the sample database)
September 2005: More favorites (196 KB)
A continuation of the discussion of building a table of bookmarks, as well as what can be done once you have such a table.
October 2005: An average column: I mean, what mode is your median? (112 KB)
Different ways to calculate "measures of central tendency" (mean, median and mode).
Special thanks to Brent Anderson for pointing out that the original code for DMedian didn't handle the case where there are only 2 rows of data.
November 2005: All in the Family (150 KB)
How to handle tables where multiple types of data are in the same table
December 2005: Want Machine Information? What Marvelous Insights! (161 KB)
How to tap into the wealth of information available through Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), a component of the Microsoft Windows operating system.
January 2006: Talk to me... (342 KB)
How you can integrate SAPI (the Speech Application Programming Interface) into your applications.
February 2006: Have some control! (364 KB)
Various ways of using the Combo Box control.
March 2006: Let me check my list... (771 KB)
Various ways of using the List Box control.
April 2006: Surfs up! (201 KB)
How to interact with the Internet from Access.

WARNING: The articles above are based on my original submission. Sometimes slight changes (and corrections) got made between submission and publication that may not be reflected in the articles. Hopefully this doesn't affect their usefulness! If you do find something that doesn't look right, please let me know. Thanks!

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