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Access Office

Welcome to the Access Junkie's page! 

Office Access

     On these pages you will find lots of information on Microsoft's database application called Access. If you like using Access, this is definitely the place to be. This particular area of our web site will continue to expand and grow as we add more information. Keep checking back often to see what we have added. Follow the links on the left side of the navigation area to see what we have.

     The information on Access I have accumulated on these pages comes from my own personal experiences as well as reviewing posts on the Usenet newsgroup microsoft.public.access. For several years I have been a regular contributor to these newsgroups. I first began by posting questions of my own and received tremendous help from people in all parts of the world. I am still amazed at the amount of technical information one can learn by simply reading and reviewing questions and answers posed to these groups. Previous posts in the past are archived at Feel free to search for posts by me in these groups within the last several years.

     In July of 2005 I was honored by Microsoft with the MVP award for my contributions in the newsgroup communities. I am very proud to have received this award. You can read about the MVP Program here I was also given the MVP award again in July of 2006.

      I have also created a new web site which is devoted to information on the Access 2007 and Access 2010 versions. You can find my other site here:

     There are an incredible amount of Access resources out on the Web already. If you are unaware of this fact, checking through the various pages I have here will no doubt open your eyes! With all the great information about Access already on the Web, why would I make yet another web site about this topic? I wanted to have these pages to help people find specific information about Access. My hope is that you use these pages to increase your knowledge of Access and become one with the Access Borg Collective. Resistance is futile.

     So what can Access do for you? Sometimes Access is not seen as a good choice for application development, but that information usually comes from sources not versed in all the capabilities of the program. Steve Schapel, a respected Access MVP, has compiled a list of real world examples of application development using Microsoft Access. You can see this information on this page of his site:

I hope you find information here that helps in your Access projects. You will find that Access is an extremely powerful program not only in the hands of an expert, but a novice as well.

NEWS: Looking for guidance on how to use Access 2010 or Access 2007? These comprehensive books I wrote with Access MVP and renowned author John L. Viescas will help bring you up to speed. Look for these books in bookstores and online.

Master the Access 2010 Version

My new book covering Access 2010 is even larger than the 2007 release! The Microsoft Access development team added many new features to this release including the ability to publish your database to a SharePoint server running Access Services and work with your application inside a web browser. When you have a product as feature rich as Access is and then add an entirely new server element into the picture, there was a lot of new material to cover. This book has approximately 1400 printed pages, plus an additional 400 pages of extra chapters and articles on the accompanying CD.

There are many books concerning Access 2010 on the market, but no other book gives you as many insights, tips, and tricks as this one does. I have the unique experience of testing the product every day in my job as a Software Test Engineer for the Access team. Throughout the course of writing this book, I consulted with the program managers, developers, and other testers who worked on Access 2010. With this book, you'll learn first hand about all the new features in Access 2010 from the people who designed, developed, and tested the program.

See this page on my other site for additional information on this huge resource:

Master the Access 2007 Version

Microsoft has completely redesigned the user interface for all Microsoft Office products.  Even if you're an expert using Access, you need this book to learn how to work in this new edition of the world's most popular desktop database.  The book is also chock-full of details about the new features, including multi-value and attachment fields, Layout view for forms and reports, enhanced interface with Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services, customizing Ribbons, collecting data through e-mail, and much more.




Jeff Conrad - Access Junkie - MVP Alumnus

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