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                                 Form Backgrounds - Colors and Gradients                              

Listed below is some information on form backgrounds, colors, and gradients that I have posted in the newsgroups before. I hope you find it useful in your projects.

1. If you go to each section's properties list you will see on the Format or All tabs an option called Back Color. Click on that line and then click the (...) button to bring up the Windows color dialog box. From there you can click the Define Custom Colors button and select whatever color you would like. You can play around with different shades of colors by using the slider bar. Play around with different colors and see what you like.

2. For backgrounds with different pictures, go to the form's properties list and look for the option called Picture on the Format or All tabs. Click the (...) button where you can browse for different backgrounds for the form. You can choose from different image formats, but be careful with GIF ones. Those types of files can produce memory issues and even cause application failures (I've seen this personally). I'm sure if you search the web you could find countless possibilities for background pictures.

3. If you would like to have the form's background have a smooth gradient between two different colors you might try this code on Peter's site:

There is an actual screen shot here:

I've played around with this before myself and it does look pretty cool.

4. I believe MVP Stephen Lebans has something on his site that allows for form color gradients here:

I have not played with this myself yet, but knowing Stephen, I'm sure it works flawlessly.






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