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                                 Creating a Demo Database 

Listed below is some information on creating a demo database that will expire after a specified period of time. Some similar information is provided on requiring an installation key.

Look for the downloads:
"Updated have Database Expire After 30 Days Of Use"
"Updated have Database Expire After 30 Days Of First Being Opened."

2. MVP Tony Toews' thoughts on demos/expiration coding:

3. Peter De Baets has a product called KeyedAccess that will do this I believe:

4. Paul Overway has something similar here:
Go to Add-ins/Extras area and look for "Logico Solutions MDB Lock"

5. Also try here:'LicenseLock'

6. Some code here as well:
(Look for demodbase download)

7. Download sample file here:

8. Make Database Expire Info/Links:




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