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                                 Document the table structures                              

A question that comes up in the newsgroups quite often is how to make reports that show the table structure. For example, the field names of each table and some of their properties. Below are some possibilities for making such reports.

1. You can use the built-in Access Documenter (Tools | Analyze | Documenter) to get a huge list of just about everything you ever wanted to know about the database. Be careful about what selections you make as the report could be quite extensive.

2. I created an Access Add-In that will document several areas of a database. One of the reports will list the table fields and a few properties of each. You can download the free add-in from this page:

CSD Tools

3. MVP John Viescas has some code and database objects that will do this.
Download some of his sample files from here:

4. David Hare-Scott has also written a simple table documenter. You can download it here:,David

5. MVP Armen Stein has something here as well:

(Look for Data Dictionary Report Utility)

6. MVP Allen Browne has some TableInfo code here:

7. FMS has utilities that can do this as well:

8. Here is another Documenter option:

9. There is also a Documenter Utility here:

Look for SimpleTableDocumentor

10. MVP Arvin Meyer has something here:

12. Ruben Vigon has a utility here:

(Look in the Aplicaciones area for mdb2doc 1.0.91)

13. Datafast Consulting has something here:

(Look for Datafast Utility A97 & A2K)

14. Flexible Reporting of Documenter Results by MVP Duane Hookom:

15. You can download tools that has a DocumentTables function (it's in the devTools module).
The code there loops through all the tables, and stores the table name, field names, and field size in
a separate table called DocumentTables.

16. Mark Liquorman has a Table Documenter rolled into his "Liquorman Utilities" here:


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