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                                 Resize forms for different screen resolutions 

Listed below is some information on resizing forms according to the end user's screen resolution. Here are some links for you if you want to pursue that option.

1. Download an MDE file from the Developer's Handbook web site. You can then reference that MDE in your application to use the resize code.

2. Purchase the Developer's Handbook for your version of Access. In my opinion the book is WELL worth the money. Not only do you get the resize code, but a wealth of other information, code, and database samples. Go to the same site listed above for more information.

3. Peter's software has a resizing utility at:

4. The following link has also been posted as an alternative:

5. FMS has a sizer module here:

6. Here is another possibility, but I have no experience with this one either:

7. And a utility to see how your app will fit on the screen at various screen resolutions:

(Click on the News link on the left side and then look for "ScreenSize")







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