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                                 Newsgroup Help                              

This page is devoted to helping newsgroup posters receive better help from people assisting with their questions.


1. Providing the SQL for a query if asked.

2. How do I turn the Control Wizards on?




Providing SQL Text:
In order for us to help you with newsgroup questions we may ask you to provide the SQL of a particular query you may be using. If you are unfamiliar with how to provide us the SQL, below are some screenshots that will guide you through the process.

1. First you need to open your query in Design View. On the Query Design toolbar you should see an option (usually on the far left side) called "View' with a drop down arrow next to it. The screenshot below highlights the area I am talking about.


2. Click that drop down arrow and a list will appear below. If you are using Access 97 or 2000 you will see the options listed in the screenshot below on the left side. If you are using Access 2002 or 2003 you will see the options on the screenshot below on the right side. You need to click where it says "SQL View" to switch to the SQL editor.


Alternatively, you could also select View from the Main Menu and find the same options available to you.

3. The SQL editor will now display the exact SQL syntax for this query. Simply highlight all of this text (CTRL+C) and then paste it into the body of your newsgroup post (CTRL+V). This will help us to visualize your table structure and relevant fields.


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Why have my control wizards stopped working? How do I turn them on again?

In order to have the Control Wizards assist you, they must be turned on. It is quite easy to mistakenly turn them off.

This first screenshot shows a form in Design View (in Access 2003) with the Control Toolbox displayed. Observe next to the arrow that there is a little button with a magic wand on it. This is the Control Wizards button and right now it is turned off which means we will receive no assistance.

To turn the Wizards back on, simply press the button to have it toggled back on. This second screenshot demonstrates that. Now the various control wizards will appear when needed.


All screenshots made with TechSmith's SnagIT® program. This is a very cool product!

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