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                                 Progress Bars 

Listed below is some information on using progress bars in Access.

1. Go to Sandra Daigle's site for some working examples:
(Download Progress Meter 2.0)

2. For a detailed visual walk-through, see this link:

3. MVP Arvin Meyer also has a sample here:

4. And here is a past post on this subject by Sandra Daigle herself:

"I suggest avoiding the ActiveX control because of the issues that arise when dealing with ActiveX's. Instead you might want to consider using the built-in Progress meter or build your own.

Following is a simple example of how to use the system progress meter - look down in the lower left corner to see it working. Create a form with a single button, then paste this code into the Click event procedure for the button. Basically you initialize the progress meter with a number that represents how many intervals there are, then you make successive calls to update the progress meter with an incremental value. Finally you remove the meter. My example shows it as used in a looping procedure but you can also adapt this to a lengthy linear list of tasks.

You can create a more noticeable progress meter by using a rectangle control which you color based on the degree of completion of the task. My example of this is on

There is also a chapter in the Access Cookbook by Ken Getz, Paul Litwin, and Andy Baron which describes how to make a reusable progress meter. You can read this excerpt online at

FWIW, I also like using the progress meter control from the FMS product Total Access Components 2000. It has a richer set of features and can be displayed anywhere on the form. ("

'**************Code Start*********************
Private Sub Command12_Click()
Dim inti As Integer

'     Initialize the progress meter
Application.SysCmd acSysCmdInitMeter, "Doing Stuff", 10000

For inti = 1 To 5000
   Me.txtCounter = inti

   ' Increment the progress meter on each iteration
   Application.SysCmd acSysCmdUpdateMeter, inti
  '     Occasionaly yield CPU to the OS so other stuff can happen
   '     the 77 is an arbitrary number - you can tune this however you
   '     want. You can leave this whole if...then out if you just want the loop
   '     to have all CPU till
   '     it is done

   If inti Mod 77 = 0 Then
   End If
Next inti

'      Remove the meter
Application.SysCmd acSysCmdRemoveMeter

End Sub

'**************Code End*********************


5. Datafast Consulting has a sample database illustrating this here:

(Look for the file called "Progress Meter Code")

6. Here is a Microsoft KB article on the subject.

How to simulate a progress bar in a form without using an ActiveX control in Access 2002:;en-us;304581&Product=acc2002

7. Displaying a Progress Bar using the built in Status Bar

(In the Q & A section) 

8. How to Create a Generic Reusable Status Meter:

9. More instructions can be found here:

10. Peter Schroeder has a sample file here on UtterAccess for study:

11. Here is a nice download file called “Progress/Status Bars Demo Samplesby Oliver on UtterAccess:

(Look for sample called ProgressBar Demo)

13. Another good example can be downloaded from here:


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