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                                 Tab Control Colors 

Here is some information on changing the color of tab controls on Access forms. Access 2010 supports this function for tab control color manipulation, but previous versions did not. Here are a few options for you to try out if you are using an older version of Access:

1. See MVP Stephen Leban's for all things magical. Specifically:

2. Here is an alternative posted by MVP Arvin Meyer:

"You can use bitmaps to change the color. Even better, I use labels, which can have any color I want. I set a colored rectangle behind the tab control and set the Tab control to Transparent with NO buttons. I use "hover button" labels as in the example on my website":­oad/ 

"You use the "buttons" to change pages which are indexed from 0 (zero), so the code looks like":

Sub lblHoverButton1_Click(Cancel As Integer)
     Me.Tab1 = 0
End Sub

Sub lblHoverButton2_Click(Cancel As Integer)
     Me.Tab1 = 1
End Sub

3. A visual walk-through can be found here:

4. Another guide to creating them here:

5. MVP Arvin Meyer wrote an article in the May 2004 issue of Access Advisor magazine on creating your own tab controls so that you have complete control over the look and feel:

(I believe you have to be a subscriber to see the article though.)

6. A sample download file demonstrating this technique can be found here:


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