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Back Office Software System

    The BO$$ system handles many areas of food service management. Our premier database system is currently at Version 3.0 and has the following features:

Purchases - Post all of your invoices, food and non-food, into the system and run Purchase Recap Reports by any date range. Break down your food purchases into categories that you define. Run purchase reports by individual vendor, all vendors, detail items, or just a summary report.
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Inventory - Set up inventory areas to match your particular business needs. Inventory sheets can be printed for your physical inventory. Inventory order can be defined by you and changed at any time. Enter your on-hand quantities in a fast, easy-to-use interface. Your inventory quantities can be entered as fast as you can type. See a running total of your inventory as you go along. Various inventory reports can be run detailing individual food categories.
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Product List - Maintain a complete list of all your products. Assign the products to report and inventory groups that you set up. Quickly update your prices by selecting to see only specific groups on screen. Run various product list reports to have available when needed.
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Vendor List - Keep a complete list of all vendors and contact information. Quickly scan through vendor phone numbers on a Phone List form. Run various vendor information reports.
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Employee List - Maintain a list of current and past employees. Retrieve specific information quickly and easily through data entry forms. Many different reports can be run on employees, including a report that will list all expiration dates for food server and liquor server permits. Very nice report to have around when the inspectors come!
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Termination Forms - Document termination information on employees. Choose from available termination reasons as well as give specific reasons for separation.
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Payroll Functions - Record daily labor hours for employees and run weekly and bi-weekly payroll reports on hours and wages. Payroll reports can be given to payroll department or payroll company for check dispersal.
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Labor Scheduling - Create your employee schedules within the program and assign employees to various shifts and work areas. To save even more time, utilize the copy functions to copy an existing day, week, or any time frame into a new schedule. Then you can just make minor modifications and have a completed schedule ready for posting in a fraction of the time! Three different posted layouts can be chosen. With schedule completed, you can run Daily Labor Plans showing color-coded graphical plans of employee shift start and end times.
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Appointment Planner - Having trouble keeping track of your own schedule? A built-in appointment planner can be utilized to always keep you ahead of the game and stay organized. Schedule employee interviews, vendor meetings, and staff meetings and have a daily appointment report with you at all times. Never miss another appointment.
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Manager Log - Record any manager notes in the Manager Log section for easy retrieval. Have all Assistant Managers and Shift Leaders record any incidents, notes, etc. into the Log to keep the lines of communication open.
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Built-in Security Functions - Create users for the system and give them access only to the areas that you wish them to see.
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Complete Sample Database - For training purposes, a complete and fully functional Sample Database is included within the program. Need to train someone new how to use the system, but fearful they will mess up your data? No problem. Have them work on the Sample Database until they are comfortable using the program.
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