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Employee List - Maintain a list of current and past employees. Retrieve specific information quickly and easily through data entry forms. Many different reports can be run on employees, including a report that will list all expiration dates for food server and liquor server permits. Very nice report to have around when the inspectors come!

Download some sample Employee Reports here. They are in PDF format and will require Acrobat Reader© in order to open.

This report will display each employee's birthday by month.

Click to download Employee Birthday List Report (45 KB)

This report is very useful when there is an emergency and a family member or friend needs to be contacted quickly.

Click to download Employee Emergency Contacts Report (41 KB)

This report will list each employee's Hire Date and display their length of service.

Click to download Employee Hire Dates Report (41 KB)

This report will display a breakdown of the employees by Job Code.

Click to download Employee Job Code List Report (40 KB)

This report will display the last Review Date for each employee and the length of time from that date.

Click to download Employee Last Review Dates Report (41 KB)

This report will come in handy when any health/sanitation inspectors come around. It will display the expiration dates for food sanitation and liquor server permits. Any expired or missing cards can easily be spotted on the report.

Click to download Employee Permit Expirations Report (41 KB)

The PIN form has all the necessary information on each employee. File away in each employee's personnel file for easy reference.

Click to download Employee Personal Information Report (37 KB)

The phone list report will display contact phone numbers for each employee.

Click to download Employee Phone List Report (40 KB)

This report will list each employee's current pay rate.

Click to download Employee Wage Rates Report (39 KB)



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