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Inventory - Set up inventory areas to match your particular business needs. Inventory sheets can be printed for your physical inventory. Inventory order can be defined by you and changed at any time. Enter your on-hand quantities in a fast, easy-to-use interface. Your inventory quantities can be entered as fast as you can type. See a running total of your inventory as you go along. Various inventory reports can be run detailing individual food categories.

Download some sample Inventory Reports here. They are in PDF format and will require Acrobat Reader© in order to open.

Your inventory totals can be printed in several output options. You can choose to see the breakdown by Inventory Location, by Report Group, or a simple alphabetical listing.

Click to download Inventory Detail By Location Report (60 KB)

Click to download Inventory Detail By Product Report (57 KB)

Click to download Inventory Detail By Report Group (69 KB)

The Inventory Entry Report is the actual sheets you will use to walk around and take the physical inventory of products. The order of locations can be set up by you and changed at any time.

Click to download Inventory Entry Report (47 KB)

The inventory totals can also be printed on a shorter report by only selecting to see the summary totals.

Click to download Inventory Summary By Location Only Report (44 KB)

Click to download Inventory Summary Only Report (40 KB)


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