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Payroll Functions - Record daily labor hours for employees and run weekly and bi-weekly payroll reports on hours and wages. Payroll reports can be given to payroll department or payroll company for check dispersal. The system is not designed to create payroll checks, W-2 forms, or track pay deductions such as garnishments. The payroll functions are merely designed to track your daily payroll costs and assist in providing payroll totals to an outside agency or an in-house payroll department. Overtime costs are also only figured on anything over 40 hours worked in one week.

By entering daily comments (user defined) if needed, you can easily see who your troublesome employees are and have a history of their work habits. This information could prove useful in unemployment claims.

Download some sample Payroll Reports here. They are in PDF format and will require Acrobat Reader© in order to open.

This report displays the total hours and wages for a specific day.

Click to download Payroll Daily Labor Report (43 KB)

This report gives a totals report for a one week time frame on hours, tips, and any possible charges. No wage information is provided on this report.

Click to download Payroll One Week Labor Totals Report (48 KB)

The Report Card report will only list days that you have entered any "Labor Comments." This report can come in very handy when it comes times for Employee Reviews and/or wage evaluations.

Click to download Payroll Report Card Report (35 KB)

The Timecard Report will list an employee's details for any date range you specify.

Click to download Payroll Timecard Report (36 KB)

This report will display a wage breakdown and totals for a one week time frame.

Click to download Payroll Weekly Wage Report (48 KB)

A bi-weekly Payroll Totals Report can also be printed. This report is exactly like the One Week Labor Totals Report but shows a two week time frame. This report can easily be given to an in-house payroll department or an outside payroll agency for check dispersal.


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