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Labor Scheduling - Create your employee schedules within the program and assign employees to various shifts and work areas. To save even more time, utilize the copy functions to copy an existing day, week, or any time frame into a new schedule. Then you can just make minor modifications and have a completed schedule ready for posting in a fraction of the time! Three different posted layouts can be chosen. With schedule completed, you can run Daily Labor Plans showing color-coded graphical plans of employee shift start and end times.

The BO$$ system does not handle shifts for a 24-hour type business at this time. Future releases may include this capability.

Download some sample Labor Scheduling Reports here. They are in PDF format and will require Acrobat Reader© in order to open.

The Daily Labor Plans are one of our most popular reports. These graphical reports of employee shifts can be carried with you all day long as a quick reference. No need to keep going back to the posted schedule to see who is working, just carry this report in your pocket. Write down breaks on the report as well to make sure those are being taken.

Click to download Daily LaborPlan All Positions Report (48 KB)

The BO$$ scheduling system also allows you to select specific positions to print. For example, print one report for your Front of The House Manager with all of their positions and one for the Back of The House Manager. The various managers can easily keep tabs on the employees under their control. See the following download as an example.

Click to download Daily Labor Plan Specific Positions Report (42 KB)

When your schedule is complete, choose from three different layouts to post the schedule for your employees. Select the style you most prefer.

  1. Calendar Style

Click to download Weekly Schedule Calendar Style (49 KB)

  1. Columns Style

Click to download Weekly Schedule Column Style (53 KB)

  1. Full Detail with totals. The last page of this report will give totals for each employee. Check to see if you have scheduled someone into overtime before posting the schedule.

Click to download Weekly ScheduleWith Totals (87 KB)

We've listened to our users and are pleased to offer a fourth weekly schedule option which will be included in the Version 4.0 release! This report more closely resembles a standard hand-written employee schedule. Each employee can easily see their own shifts horizontally across the page. They can also easily spot what different postions they may be scheduled. Take a sneak peak here!

  Click to download Weekly Schedule Standard Style (51 KB)

In addition to posting the schedule for all employees, you can also specifically print an individual's schedule in either the column style layout or the full detail style. Have an employee that never remembers to write down their schedule? Fine, print one out for them so they have no excuse for forgetting their assigned shifts.

Click to download Individual Employee Column Style Schedule (37 KB)

Click to download Individual Employee Detail Schedule (41 KB)

In addition to posting the schedule for an individual employee, you can also selectively print all of the schedule details for a specific job code. These can also be column layout or full detail. The examples below list, for example, all of the assigned shifts in the Cook's department.

Click to download Individual Job Code Column Style Schedule (40 KB)

Click to download Individual Job Code Detail Schedule (47 KB)


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