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DbUtilities 2000 Addin


DbUtilities 97 Addin

 Author: Jeff Conrad (aka "Access Junkie")

This is a fantastic re-write of DbUtilities which,  as an Add-in, makes it easier to transfer the object permissions from a secured database to a new database container.

The Zip file also includes a complete user guide which covers installation, usage and walk-through guides.

Select the appropriate Zip file for whichever version of Access you are using.

Thank you to Jeff for creating this easy-to-use add-in!

(Version 1.0 - 11/9/2003)

Table driven CommandBar and Toolbar generator.


This application makes it easier to create and maintain custom command bars and toolbars.


Also contains sample usage of a TreeView control.

(version 3.1 - 4/26/2003)

Collection class for creating and managing groups of controls on a form.


Slightly restructured, hopefully a bit easier to use and with new examples.

(version 2.0 - 4/7/2003)

Sample database showing how to use tables and listboxes to create groups of reports and a generic report dialog.


Also shows a simple way to use a form for getting report parameters.

DbUtilities 1.0

Utilities to copy permissions from an existing database and then reapply the permissions to a new database with the same structure. Useful when a new database must be created by importing objects into a new database.

DbUtilities 1.1

Same as above, minor changes for Access 97 compatibility

Progress Meter 2.0

Sample database to show how to create and use a  reusable progress meter form. I personally like and use the Progress meter in Total Access Components by FMS but you can use this as a cheap (free) knock-off.

New version includes examples using standard Access Progress meter and Microsoft ActiveX Progress Meter.

Also demonstrates the code needed to allow the user to press the Escape key to break out of a lengthy process.

Synch Combo Continuous Sample database to show different method for synchronizing combos on continuous forms.
Select Records (version 3.0 - 8/20/2003) Sample showing one way to use a pair of multiselect listboxes to add/remove records. This example uses a very simplified tblPersons, tblClasses, tblPersonClasses example. The form allows you to select a person, then add or remove classes for that person. The first list shows Available classes which are not yet selected for the person, the second shows the classes that are selected for that person.

Also shows how to accomplish the same thing using a simple form and subform with a combo box for selecting the record.

Select Records97 Same as above, saved in  Access 97 format. Special thanks to MVP Douglas Steele who spotted a few conversion errors and graciously fixed them for me!
Multi Instance Forms
(version 1.0 - 5/13/2003)
Sample showing a way to open and manage multiple instances of a single form using a collection class. This example is very basic but the collection and member classes are reusable. The inline documentation is limited right now so feel free to contact me if you have specific questions.